About the Author


For years I was on the wrong track, seeking answers through spiritual pursuits believing that a life lived in gratitute could provide more than grand platitudes. But for me, it didn't, and I was left feeling empty and unhappy as someone seeking for answers, and finding none, would.  It wasn't until I met a group of extraorindary healers that taught me about energy, the human energy system, and how the state, and use of both, afftect human experience. As I came to learn more, I came to understand that without direct changes from within, nothing changes. Karma, relationships, our choices, depth of personal honesty, and even the ability to naturally relax affect our energy system, and no amount of seeking alone can change that. What can is learning how to care for our energy system, with the same amount of effort we care for our minds, and bodies. And Reiki is a natural first step and start to that conversation.  


What drove me to write this book was the frustration and sadness found in many of my conversations on Reiki and from the many articles, blogs and books I read on the subject. There is so much misinformation being provided by well-meaning people doing what they can do promote the practice to people who need it.  And all humans need it.

I'm a naturally curious and commited woman, who has become a master of whatever trade I sought through teaching others. When I started to learn about energy, human healing, and self-care, I was a student, today I help teach workshops and classes that help people like me find the answers and the freedom they are looking for, and to heal as much of themselves as they will allow, starting and ending with energy.