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"The author’s reverence and love for Reiki are ever-present throughout the book; and, as readers, we are invited to return with her to the simplicity and beauty of this extraordinary healing vibration. Understanding Reiki is a huge contribution to the subject of Reiki packed into an unpretentious, little book. More, more!." -  Reiki for Real People
“Some of the parts, particularly the explanation of how Reiki energy hits two of the five energy body systems, are incredible. One part further, how mental acceptance and thoughts can basically 'reverse' the benefit of Reiki in some people, answered a question I had been pondering for some time.." -  Doctors with Reiki
"I didn't realize so many things about Reiki that you spell out so simply. Your book has made it less abstract for me and I can't wait to go further now." -  Kelly Enriquez, Wellness Educator & Reiki Practitioner
“This book is destined to become one that I read again and again, and I know I will discover a new depth and insight each time I read it.  I don't think I can recommend this book strongly enough: I want to turn the ratings up to 11 out of 10." -  Tim Harwood, Founder & Owner of Relax, Release, Renew.
“Written with a rare, deep love and reverence for Reiki, Chyna Honey explains what Reiki is and what it can do (and not do) in a brave and honest way, using simple terms." -  Cynthia Salaysay, Author of Private Lessons & Reiki Practitioner
“Its superb, brilliant!! - a must read for anybody, you must read it! In fact, I'm reading it a second time." -  Peter Fricker, Founder & Owner of Energy Remedy
“I truly enjoyed the book, it's fantastic, and to me it's much more than just a book about Reiki...The book is an encouragement on many levels, and a learning curve on others. " -  Claudia Piechotzki, Founder & Owner of Energie de Vie
"I recommend this to anyone thinking about entering the world of Reiki and for everyone who's already had experience with it, in whatever form. Understanding Reiki
will truly help clarify and deepen your understanding and love of this beautiful, simple healing energy." - Carol Smith, Open Source Program Manager & Reiki Practitioner 
“I recommend this book for anyone interested in self-care or better health for their friends and family. It is an enjoyable read and the information is dense - take time to savor it." - Sue McCormack, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Medicine Practitioner 
“This is a book that everyone should have, and it makes my heart swell with pride and joy at knowing that it exists, and that I have a copy." -  Reggie Hunter, Executive Chef and Reiki Practitioner 
“A seminal work that moves the Reiki conversation in a direction that offers real answers and genuine insight." - Tiffany Hunter, PhD, Co-founder & Owner of Healing for People: An Energy Medicine Clinic 
“I'm up to Chapter Three!! And it is already changed how I'll talk to people about Reiki, which is brilliant! The book is solid: gentle and straightforward, It manages to be personable, without the author's personality getting in the way of the information." - Amelia Beamer, Critically acclaimed Novelist and Reiki Practitioner