A Book Review from Tim Harwood, Founder & Owner of Relax, Release, Renew & Learn Reiki-Londo

It's a fantastic read that clearly brings the focus of what Reiki is back to the energy that is the heart of it. Don't expect to read about the history of its "discovery" or hand positions or even Reiki techniques, they're not in the book as this is not what it's about. The Reiki world is a better place because of this book.

Would I recommend this book? The short answer is: Yes! In fact everyone who has a knowledge or, or interest in, Reiki should read this book: it will blow you away. Everyone should read it, get attuned to Reiki, then give Reiki to themselves each day and then read this book again, again and again.

The longer answer is that this book is jam-packed full of information, so much so that I'm having to read it a second time as the first time I couldn't process all of the contained. The first time satisfied my mind, but that did the book a dis-service. I'm currently reading the book for a second time, and I'm allowing myself the time to understand the book properly. With an incredible number of "Cup of tea" moments to process what I've just learnt.

There are so many layers to it that my body is responding to different things this time around, especially when the mind is having a little tantrum at being told that it's insatiable desire for knowledge about Reiki techniques and history is not important.

This book is destined to become one that I read again and again, and I know I will discover a new depth and insight each time I read it. I don't think I can recommend this book strongly enough: I want to turn the ratings up to 11 out of 10.

Written by Tim Harwood, Founder & Owner of Relax, Release, Renew & Learn Reiki-London, 3 Nov. 2014

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