A Book Review from Tiffany Hunter, PhD, Founder & Owner of Healing for People

I have been teaching Reiki for over a decade. During that time I have learned much from students and colleagues, collected numerous books and consider myself an active, sophisticated, Reiki Master Teacher. When I read Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine by Chyna Honey, I didn’t learn something, or confirm something, or enhance something. I changed. I changed what I understood Reiki to mean for humans and because of that I changed what I do with Reiki personally, as well as how I teach it to others.

The book shaves much off of Reiki that is unnecessary, and in doing so reveals the purity of the vibration and the need for it in humans. The culture we live in is increasingly less balanced and we continue to feel the consequences of that. Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine reveals the Reiki vibration as an antidote for that. And, it directly answers the raised eyebrows of people who may be feeling that this is just another overblown claim of a Reiki Master Teacher. The book is extraordinary in tackling that and other questions of Reiki directly: of what Reiki is, and what Reiki isn’t, and why failed claims and disappointments abound, at the very same time the vibration is undervalued and misunderstood.

Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine tackles many questions head on, and this is a gift. There is no point at which this book defers to generalities or avoids revealing truth for the sake of comfort or lack of consensus. This is not a coffee table book, nor is it in the spiritual genre. It is a book about the human energy field and what it needs to maintain health and balance. It is not afraid to reveal how Reiki works on the body, and where, and it does it in the context of an Energy Medicine, while giving enough information about Energy Medicine for all readers to understand why that is important. For this reason it is an excellent starting point for all people, with or without Reiki attunements, who want to more fully understand their own energy and how to take care of it. You can experience this for yourself by buying the book on our online store at www.healingforpeople.com.

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