A Book Review from Dr. Karen Janes, Founder & Owner of Natural Healing Energy

“Understanding Reiki” recently fell into my hands and I am so excited by it... It does for Reiki what I have wanted a book to do for years. It is a book I will refer to whilst teaching and wholeheartedly recommend to my students, something I can’t say about any other Reiki book I have come across.

Understanding Reiki somehow manages to be both an easy read, and therefore suitable for those completely new to Reiki, at the same time as being dense with information that will keep experienced Reiki Masters very happy. It has a simplicity that wonderfully mirrors the simplicity of Reiki itself and I know it is a book I will re-read many times.

Dr Karen Janes. Reiki Master and Teacher and Founder of Natural Healing Energy.

Written 12/1/2014

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