An Excerpt from Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine

What follows is an excerpt from Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine by Chyna Honey. This excerpt begins at the start of Chapter Two: Introducing and Explaining Reiki and covers the chapter's introduction and the first section within. May you enjoy it, share it and read the rest of this easy-to-read and even easier-to-enjoy book.

Introduction to Chapter 2: Introducing and Explaining Reiki

Knowledge on any subject is achieved through the combination of two things—satisfying the mind’s need for information and the body’s need for direct experience. Memorizing facts, genealogies of lineages, or another person’s interpretation of ancient texts will appease the mind’s need for information, but it will not bring you closer to feeling and knowing Reiki. To know for yourself what Reiki is and isn’t, you will need to trust yourself and balance the reading you do and the instruction you receive from your Reiki Master Teacher with your direct experience. In doing so, the student takes responsibility for his or her exploration and learning. While the responsibility of any teacher is to show the student the way to greater knowledge, the responsibility of every student is to use the information and direction provided by pairing it with practice, also referred to here as direct experience. When this is done, the student will then know whether what is shared is true and correct or if something has changed. It is in this knowing that instruction and acquisition of information is transformed into knowledge.

Many can attest to the experience of reading or hearing something and knowing without reservation that the information is true. It is a quiet but unmistakable knowing. This is the feeling you are after for it is the seat of your inner wisdom, which is pliable and always changing, yet constant and unyielding in its pursuit to know through direct experience.

In this pursuit, if you have been attuned to Reiki at any level, consider reading the remainder of this chapter, as well as other parts of this book, with your cupped Reiki hand[1] placed somewhere comfortable on your body. By doing so, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn while boosting its content with the experience of receiving Reiki as you read.

Explaining Reiki to Another

When I am explaining what Reiki is, I often do so by asking the person I am speaking with to extend his or her hand out to me, palm up, and allow me to show them. I do this by placing my hand over their hand in the cupped Reiki hand position. This starts the flow of Reiki from my hand into their hand. I will then ask the person to let me know when they feel something. Once they do, I begin my explanation.

In my experience, most people feel the Reiki vibration within about 5-15 seconds. They may not be sure what they are feeling, but they feel something. Some will describe this new sensation as heat, while others may describe it as a buzzing, and still others will say they’re not sure how to describe what they feel, but they know they feel something. At this moment, the person has acknowledged to their mind that their body is feeling the natural healing vibration of Reiki. The feeling, although new to the mind, has been known by the body since birth and is as natural to it as water. It is natural, soothing and relaxing to the human body, even as it is experienced as something unknown and new by the mind. For this reason, I have never seen a person pull their hand away until I have pulled back, stopping the flow of Reiki into their hand.

When the person has accepted and is enjoying this new sensation, I begin my explanation. I do this because it enables the person to learn in two ways—through the direct experience of receiving Reiki and through my words that describe the vibration they are beginning to feel and what it is doing. This kind of learning satisfies the mind’s need for information and the body’s need for experience.

Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine is available in paperback and as an ebook through Amazon, B&,,, iBooks,, and other online retailers.


[1] The cupped Reiki hand position is described and discussed in greater detail in Chapter 5.

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